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About Blue Amber

Blue Amber is a fossilized resin (not sap) of broad-leaved Hymenaea of Febaceae family, which was hardened for last some ten of million years.

It is weak to the heat, so it will melt around 250-300°C (482 - 572°F).
It releases an aromatic odor as it decomposes.

Major production areas are: the Dominican Republic, Mexico and other Central & South America, and Eastern European countries.

Stone Symbolism


calmly buring heart

Characteristics of Blue Amber:

Hardness: 2-2.5

SG: 1.05 – 1.096

Chemical Formula: C10H16O + H2S

Color: Gold, Light golden brown, light green, etc.

Caribbean Three Major Precious Stones


Blue Amber, as well as Conch Pearl and Larimar, is known as one of three major precious stones of the Caribbean.

It is an organic composition (Botanical Origin), not a mineral, consisting of plant resin has been hardened.

It is yellowish brown under a regular incandescent light.
Its color turns into mystical blue once it is exposed to the sunlight, Ultraviolet rays, or black light.

This blue color has many different shades: light blue,
deep/dark blue, or greenish blue.


You can see that Blue Amber is emitting the blue glow on any black clothing/cloth under regular conditions.

Blue Amber is found in only several percent out of all extracted Amber.
It is like a phantom within all kind of Ambers.

It is currently traded at quite a high price, since only a small quantity of Blue Amber is in the market.

(Hover your mouse cursor over the picture on the right. It will change into the color under Ultraviolet rays.)

Fake Blue Amber?

There used to be time when fake Blue Amber had been circulated in the market.

About 30 million years ago, sticky tree resin turned into Blue Amber:
sometimes stayed clear resin, sometimes it included plant seeds and/or leaves, and sometimes it included insects.

Because Blue Amber was traded at a high price, fake Blue Amber was artificially produced in a large quantity at one point.

It was domestically processed in the Dominican Republic and was sold as a local specialty.

It was merely plastic that contains some bugs inside, therefore;
its quality was low. Tourists could not tell the difference between a real Blue Amber and a fake one.
Under this circumstance, the fake Blue Amber went around the market.

Currently, Blue Amber seems to be strictly controlled, and not many fake Blue Amber show up in the market.

Meantime, there are different Blue Amber produced that are made up of either crushed Blue Amber set closely together or Blue Amber that has been softened and fused together.

Blue Amber from Fleur*Bleue


We provide only real and quality Blue Amber that is imported directly from the Domican Republic.

All Blue Amber we sell, including loose items, come with a certificate of gem identification.
We cover the cost for acquiring the certificates.

We are confident about the quality of Blue Amber we sell.
Please note that we do not carry a lot of Blue Amber with a strong “Blue luminescence” because of the lack of availability even in the Dominican Republic.

Blue Amber is so valuable because we obtain this only several times a year.

We would like all the customers who purchase the stone to enjoy this mystical blue luminescence.
For that, a mini black light (key chain) comes with every purchase.

Blue Amber as a Power Stone


According to a philological literature, “Amber” seems to have a connection to the thyroid, as an area of the body affected by a power stone.

The thyroid has an important connection to hormones.
Females are more likely to be affected by thyroid-related diseases.

Come to think of it, Larimar stone is also related to hormones.

Blue Amber may bring a real chance to be effective for females.


Blue Amber is the most popular kind of Amber within Amber fanatics.

Many testimonials say that they cannot live without Blue Amber as soon as they receive the stone, even though those people originally wanted Larimar.

We discovered that those people typically have some problems with their throat or neck.

Their bodies probably know which stones are more beneficial.

Blue Amber is also alleged to reacts to one’s sixth sense.

One's intuition may be sharpened, and may make one’s course a breeze.


Many of those who put our Blue Amber on their hands say, "Oh, it's breathing."

It is an organic composition, not a mineral.
Considering that, it is understandable that you may feel it is breathing.

Breathes out one’s darkness in great deal.
Breathes in one’s purity in great deal.
A breathing cycle of your body & mind may be deepened when you have Blue Amber.