About Brand

Hand picked rough stones from the Dominican Republic


Local craftworkers polish natural raw stones conscientiously to bring out the natural beauty.

This precious hand-polishing method is quite rare. It is extremely difficult to find any stones that have gone through the method nowadays.

Please refer the details of Larimar and Blue Amber as below:

About Larimar


Directly Imported from the mining area


It is ideal that a stone with strong healing power is handled by the least number of people as possible.
Fleur*Bleue’s stones are directly imported from the Dominican Republic.

Certificate of Gem Identification for all items


All of our Blue Amber and Larimar from Fleur*Bleue come with a certificate of gem identification.

This is to show that we are very particular about the quality.
We want to draw the line from those which are very similar to "Larimar" and "Blue Amber", or are artificially produced cheap ones in the market.

This certificate also comes with small loose items.

Praying for World Peace

We, as a merchant who handle “Stone that symbolizes love and peace” Larimar, donate a part of our proceeds every year to the associations that contributes to the world peace. We make sure the money goes to legitimate associations that contribute to world peace with a clear spending plan.

The donation amount may not be large, but we consider that this is also a philosophy of Larimar and Blue Amber.