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About Larimar

Larimar is a symbolic stone of Love & World Peace.
(Official Name: Blue Pectolite)

Cool deep aqua color is believed to come from the color of the ocean with the reflection of the sun, or from the color of the sky that continues eternally.

Larimar remembers the ancient Atlantis, where people built a perfect world of love and peace.
It is believed that Larimar will go to its destined person, when the time comes.
This stone carries a tender, yet very powerful, mind.

Larimar is a product of the Dominican Republic.

Stone Symbolism of Larimar


Love and Peace

Characteristics of Larimar:

Hardness: 4.5 – 5

SG: 2.74- 2.88

Chemical Formula: NaCa2 [Si3O8OH]

Color: White, Gray, Blue, greenish-blue, Deep aqua, etc.

The world’s Three Major Healing Stone

Larimar is an extremely new pectolite found in 1974.

A local Dominican gem merchant named Muguel Méndez discovered the stone.

He had a Japanese wife, and a daughter named Larissa.

Locals call Larimar as 'Lari Marru.'
Larimar is named by combining the first letters of his daughter’s name 'Lari' with 'mar', the Spanish word for ‘sea.’



Charoite, Sugilite, and Larimar are considered as the world’s three major healing stones.

Although both Charoite and Sugilite are not inexpensive,
the price of Larimar keeps rising every year due to its scarcity.

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The Atlantis Stone

Larimar comes with many color patterns.
Some are close to white, some are greenish-blue, some are pink, and some are very deep aqua color like turquoise.

Larimar stones we offer are all from the Dominican Republic.
Legend has it, the Dominican Republic was once part of the lost world of the Atlantis.
For that reason, Larimar also goes by the name of “the Atlantis Stone.”


As the Dominican Republic Tourism Resources


It is only found in Baoruco (alternatively spelt Bahoruco) Province, southwest of the Domincan Republic, near the border of Haiti.

The condition of Larimar mining is bleak:
those miners have to go in dangerous claustrophobic spaces.

As soon as it was discovered, healers and psychics around the world highly
praised its exceptional healing power. This sparked widespread popularilty of power stone.

Quite an amount of Larimar has already been mined.
Consequently, Larimar with deep blue or exhibiting popular patchy patterns have virtually disappeared from the market, even locally.


While Blue Amber can be found in several mines, Larimar is found in a very specific mine location.
Mining of Larimar is currently restricted by Dominican Officials.

Larimar, as well as Blue Amber, is highly protected by local Dominicans as a valuable tourism resource of a small country in the Caribbean.

Fake Larimar?

As the price of Larimar goes up, more and more fake and/or artificially produced Larimar have been seen in the market.

For instance, Blue Aragonite and Hemimorphite are sold as “Larimar from the Dominican Republic.”
Another example is that white Larimar rough stone or totally different type of stones are colored in blue and being put into the market.

It is a fact that some says that buying Larimar at an expensive price is too risky.

It is also a fact that almost all Larimar in the entire worldwide market have usually gone through a “filling process”, which acryl or other materials are filled in to enhance the look.

Assumptions are that any Larimar in market has been through this filling process.

A genuine Larimar that can be put into market without any filling process is obviously impossible for us to purchase in large quantity.

You may see “AAAAA grade” or “Super AAAAAA grade” type of descriptions somewhere else, but we do not use them.

These grade descriptions are done by individual retailers.
There is no legal standard for these descriptions, and therefore; the grading system has no credibility.

We believe that you should disregard those grading whenever you purchase Larimar.

We guarantee to provide 'a genuine Larimar', miraculously without any filling process, no matter how tiny those stones are, with a certificate of gem identification.

Why Larimar is considered as "A Stone of Hiroshima, the Peace City”


In Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, "Phoenix Trees (China Parsol Trees) Exposed to the A-Bomb" have been cherished and cared.

Although the trees looked miserable after getting hit by the full blast, they still broke into buds the following spring. The thriving trees greatly encouraged the people of Hiroshima.


City of Hiroshima has distributed seeds and/or nursery trees from the second and third generations of "Phoenix Trees (China Parsol Trees) Exposed to the A-Bomb" to all over the world, as peace ambassadors.
Some of them live in the Dominican Republic, growing beautifully, stretching out green leaves.

The wife of Miguel Méndez, who discovered Larimar, was interest in peacemaking activities and visited Hiroshima.
She put a tremendous effort to bring some of the peace ambassadors (seeds and/or nursery trees from the second and third generations of "Phoenix Trees (China Parsol Trees) Exposed to the A-Bomb") to the Dominica Republic.


Fleur*Bleur is located near Hiroshima Peace (Memorial) Park.

Larimar is "a stone of Hiroshima, the peace city." Just like "Phoenix Trees (China Parsol Trees) Exposed to the A-Bomb" are distributed as peace ambassadors, we wish Larimar to be going home with many people as a small portion of peace.

City of Hiroshima, where it used to be nothing but burnt-out ruins, miraculously revived and transformed into a beautiful, peaceful city.

We believe Larimar will create yet another miracle, with those who love this stone.